About us

Unger-Latin Law Office- was founded in 1999 and specializes in personal status.Our office believes in catering to each clients personal and unique case according to their specific needs and goals..Attorney Unger – Latin is the office founder and has been practicing family law since the day she was licensed and for the past 19 years.
Attorneys Unger Latin has a Bachelor of Law (LLB), and a Master of Law (LLM) she graduated with honors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she is a member of the disciplinarytribunal bar association and has been the legal counsel for the Wizo organization in Petah Tikva IL over the past 14 years.

In April 2010, the office moved to its new and current location at the Twin Tower buildings, 35 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Gan. The office was planned and designed by the architect JoshHafetz. Hafetz is responsible for various designs of culinary institutes, event halls,
residential apartments and commercial buildings. The design of the new office is characterized as a young, creative and updated design – all in sync with the values and goals of the office.
Attorney Unger and the office staff are highly experienced in representing and managing hundreds of complex cases in family courts, religious courts and other tribunals in all matters pertaining to personal status, including:Divorce suits, claims for marital harmony, claims for alimony and child support, dissolution and sharing of property claims. Suits regarding custody of minors, paternity, child abduction, prenuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements and divorce, cohabitation, Marriage annulment protection orders, stay of exit orders, wills, estates, probate orders and more.

In addition, the office provides solutions to its customers in other related fields such as real estate transactions. Attorney Unger and the office staff often engage in managing complex divorce cases, which often get media exposure, especially when representing high profile clients.In such cases, disputes and conflicts often arise regarding the jurisdictional race, child custody, property ownership and control disputes over business and companies.In order to provide a comprehensive solution to the issues that arise while managing a legal case, we often collaborate with various professional bodies such as: private investigators, accountants, actuaries, psychologists and other specialist according to the client’s and case requirements.
The office staff led by attorney Unger strives to complete the divorce process while achieving the client’s goals, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Divorce and other legal issue can be emotionally draining, we at Unger-Latin believe in interpersonal relationship with each of our clients - all in order to ease and reduce to a minimum any possible aggravation, stress and discomfort that can be part of divorce process.

Our Team

Ayana Unger Latin

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