Consultation - first step

Before you take any steps to separate from your spouse we advise you to contact a professional and experienced attorney that deals with personal status for legal consultation.

A legal consultation will also well suite those who do not wish to conduct long judicial proceedings and wish to reach an inclusive divorce agreement with the other party.

A legal consultation also suites those that have already received various legal suites from their partner and cannot decide how to proceed, or for one that is in the midst of Judicial proceedings against their spouse and would like a second opinion.

Family Law in Israel is very complex and cumbersome therefore it is extremely important to get legal consultation before making any move. There is not one answer that fits all.  That is why it is important to tailor the proper suit for each client according to their size.

During a meeting at Attorney Unger Lattin's office we will carefully examine your personal and legal state.  We will match you with an efficient strategy to lead to a successful divorce procedure as efficient and fast as possible while achieving the desired goals.

First we listen to what your goals are… what would you like to achieve at the end of the process…? This is possibly the most important question one should ask if they wish to separate from a spouse and start a divorce procedure.

Afterwards we will examine your characteristics and your spouses: the background, personal data, financial state, assets if there are such. 

Profession and salary etc. ultimately we will prepare a legal outline, one that will achieve the desired outcome.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the legal consultation for each client and each case.

We work on a case by case basis and every case and its circumstances. Following is an example 

At times (although not very common…) there are cases where the best advice will be- sit and wait…

i.e. the current situation serves your interest for the best and any move you make may harm 

your legal and general status…therefore for now it is recommended that you wait for your spouse to make the first move.

 It is best to start in the beginning…and there is no better start than a consultation.